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Informacja dla Klientów

Informacja dla klientów - zakup usługZakład nasz jest szeroko otwarty na każdą propozycję współpracy, gdyż tylko w ten sposób możemy znaleźć dla siebie miejsce na rynku. Widzimy też potrzebę nawiązania kontaktów z innymi firmami, w tym, z ośrodkami o podobnym profilu do naszego. Oferujemy szeroki zakres usług poligraficznych w zakresie projektowania wydawnictw i druku cyfrowego. Drugą dziedziną naszej działalności jest ceramika artystyczna - tu również mamy możliwość wykonania ciekawych prac autorskich z uwzględnieniem życzeń naszych klientów.

Korzystając z naszych usług Państwa zlecenia są wykonane szybko, na dobrym poziomie i tanio. Przyczyniacie się Państwo również do rehabilitacji osób niepełnosprawnych.

About an Institution of a Professional Activity

It has been eleven years since an Association for Disabled People in Glubczyce of an Institution of a Professional Activity in Branice named after John Paul II was found. This initiative has proven to be apt and it helps in a social and professional rehabilitation of disabled people.

Otwarcie Zakładu Aktywności Zawodowej - kwiecień 2006 r.

It is the second institution of this kind w Opole Province and the seventeenth in the whole country. Its activity is based on an act connected with the social and professional rehabilitation, employing disabled people and with an act about Institutions of a Professional Activity. The functioning of an establishment is also supported by an agreement between the Association for Disabled People in Glubczyce and Self-government of Opole Province „about the financial support for the Institution of a Professional Activity.”.

The foundation of the Institution of a Professional Activity was a consummation of efforts of Tadeusz Piatowski - a chairman of the Association for Disabled People - that lasted for several months. Manufaktura Ceramiki ArtystycznejBecause of his initiation, many great people and a Council of Glubczyce District were focused on this idea. Lots of efforts were put to make it exist and the effects are, that despite many obstacles, a well-functioning institution was founded. There was a lack of such establishment in Glubczyce District. It started its work on the 12th of an April 2006 but the official opening, of which many excellent guests were witnesses, took place on the 15th of May 2006. The aim of the Institution is to employ both disabled people that are inhabitants of Glubczyce District and those who are included in the group of a high degree of disability. The other purpose is to prepare them to live in the environment (a social and professional rehabilitation) and to help them live independently according to their individual abilities. The rooms of the Institution in Branice, for which the Provincial Hospital for Nervously and Mentally Ill People in Branice stands as a location, were leased from the Self-government of Opole Province for 10 years. An accommodation fulfils the needs of disabled people and is agreeable with regulations about security and hygiene of work. The requirements connected with adaptation of places for work, hygienic and sanitary rooms and pathways, have been taken into consideration. Employees are also provided with specialist medical care, rehabilitation and guidance services.

DrukarniaThere are 52 disabled people employed in the Institution and there are 11 employees, who not only stand as managers, but also prepare disabled people for their job. Employees are divided into 2 groups, which guarantee the best process of training. Besides the training, the other function of the Institution is to provide some printing services and products of artistic ceramics. Those employees, who belong to the group of a high degree of disability, work for 0,55% of the time established by law. They get a salary which amount is counted from 100% of the lowest salary and in a proportion of time spent on working. The working hours are completed with rehabilitation exercises (no less than 60 minutes per day). There are appropriate conditions for that purpose and a specialist of a rehabilitation is employed. An individual program of rehabilitation is prepared by a special group(of which a supervisor is a director of the Institution) and with the co-operation of disabled person. RehabilitacjaThe aim of such program is to make this person participate in a social and professional sphere of life. The program specifies in what range and by which methods a disabled person has to learn skills that are obligatory for work. The effects of rehabilitation and capabilities are checked periodically.

The employees of the Institution consist of people from Glubczyce, Kietrz, Branice, Zawiszyce, Boboluszki, Lubotyn, Uciechowice, Kalduny, Nowa Cerekiew, Lewice, Kolonia Wlodzienin, Jedrychowice, and Zopowa. Disabled persons are employed in full-time jobs and are prepared for specialities that are needed in training groups: designer, therapist, computer scientist, marketing worker, administration worker and manager.

In the Institution there is an activity fund with a separate account, into which money from tax exemptions and business activities is paid. Money is spent on buying special equipment and facilities that help disabled people live independently and take part in cultural life. A patron of the Institution is Saint John Paul II (Ordinary of the Opole Diocese - archbishop Alfons Nossol agreed with the idea). It is, for sure, the next motivation for employees to work and live according to the lessons of Great Patron.

Zbigniew Lenartowicz - director of the IPA